Embedded Firmware Development

Embedded Firmware Development

Many products are still designed without an operating system due to cost, speed and/or power constraints; this approach is often referred to as ‘bare metal’. RVL engineers have decades of experience in developing embedded firmware using assembly and more prominently C/C++ for implementation. Working across many architectures (AVR, PIC, ARM, H8S) and toolchains we have brought a wide variety of products to life, whilst also offering consultancy on existing designs where the original developer is no longer available. We have successfully completed several FPGA projects using the Altera Cyclone series.

We have designed ’bare metal’ firmware for the following projects:

  • Pressure / temperature sensor module
  • PCMCIA RF transceiver module
  • Industrial communications hub
  • Bench top & industrial analytical equipment
  • SIP home & office security system
  • Refrigeration control equipment
  • Fuel dispensing management system
  • Home energy monitoring system
  • Video overlay system



Embedded Firmware Development
In today’s marketplace it is a real pleasure working with a truly caring supplier; one which does not just see the £ signs, but eagerly wants their customers to succeed and guides them to a greater result.

For a company like ours, in an area outside our own skill set, RVL demonstrates compassion, understanding and a desire to do the right thing which is simply fantastic. We are very proud to be working with such a trusted partner.”
Alan J Smith, Chairman, Commtel Ltd
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