Electronics Design & Development

Electronics Design and Development Service

Do you have a great idea that needs developing? Or an existing PCB design that needs refining? Perhaps your prototype needs adjustment? Are you searching for a full hardware design service for your product? Our team of electronics design and development engineers knows just how to create innovative electronics to meet your needs. You might only want help with one aspect, or you might need a bit of everything – we are happy to provide a “pick-and-mix” approach, as we are specialists in custom electronic design. This is RVL’s complete service; all under one roof.

First of all, come and meet our technical team, if you possibly can. We welcome visitors, as we find that a face-to-face meeting always ensures the best communication and transfer of ideas. Your project will be handled by experienced professional developers who appreciate how important your project is. Be reassured that your IP is protected and safeguarded throughout the process. (When it comes to electronic product design, we know just how important this is to our clients).

We listen to your requirements, and work with you to keep the development process smooth and stress-free at every stage. Once finished, our electronic manufacturing team is on hand to turn the design into electronic reality. Providing ongoing technical support is also one of our core strengths. (We want your product to be a success!) If you need to upgrade your product in future, we are on hand to help.

Our industry experience will benefit your project :

Our experienced engineers have previously worked on many development projects so we know how to source materials, components and specialised contractors if required. We have designed for projects that include industrial analysers, sensors, RF modules, telemetry and communication interfaces. Clients have asked us to work on a range of products from laboratory equipment, harsh environment electronics, automotive systems, security systems and RF sensors to pyrotechnic controllers and hydroponic management systems.

Electronics Design & Development
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