FPGA Development

FPGA Development (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)

Our FPGA designs suit a range of applications, for example, in modern communications. At RVL, we are guided by your specific requirements, and you will receive a bespoke design to suit these needs.  We are confident you will be pleased with the end result because of our attention to detail and quality.  As the IoT (Internet of Things) increasingly connects our lives, using FPGAs will become a valuable part of creating innovative electronic solutions.

What is an FPGA? By itself, it does nothing. But designers of electronics love them, because this device allows circuit designs to be reconfigured as many times as required after manufacture. (This even happens in the field). Clearly, this permits fantastic flexibility and power, whilst also meaning you have control over the hardware. Tailoring an FPGA to meet your project’s specific requirements can save a lot of time and money on integration and prototyping too, so it is well worth discussing the potential with an experienced electronics engineer.

(N.B. This is different to a microcontroller, where the circuit has already been designed.) Speak to one of our team today about our FPGA Development service.

FPGA Development
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