We are continuously improving and updating our quality procedures and systems, including investing in staff training. Key assembly and inspection staff are Certified IPC Specialists to the IPC-A-610 and IPC-7711/21 standards. This standard is recognised worldwide for the inspection of electronics to the highest levels.

All new members of technical staff are trained to the IPC standards stated above, but we also insist on refreshing staff training regularly. Consequently, we maintain a critical approach to manufacturing success.

Andrew Bucknell, former Director of RVL, is now our Quality consultant. He continues to monitor and improve processes within the business to maintain the high standards we are so proud of. A copy of our ISO audit certificate can be found on this website, recognising the rigorous audit process we undertake on a regular basis.

Board inspection and testing now completed. A perfect assembly job, perfectly executed without any drama. Fantastic, I am extremely impressed. Thank you, RVL!
Peter Ellefsen (Director), Pan Technology
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