Case Study: Pyrotechnic electronic controllers project

The challenge: JESE approached us while working on a top secret project that had to remain confidential in order to guarantee its success. RVL agreed to take on the prototype surface mount assembly work without full knowledge of the end result, but which we knew had an immovable deadline.

The Solution: RVL used their high-quality anti-static manufacturing facilities on their own secure site to produce superior surface mount assembled units, on time and ready for the client’s own finishing process.

Finally on the 1st January, it was revealed that all the hard work had facilitated the 4D ‘multi-sensory’ experience during London’s New Year firework display over the River Thames. Each unit made by RVL had been incorporated into pyrotechnic special effects controllers that allowed spectators to not only hear and see the fireworks, but smell and taste them too. It was a spectacular world first and RVL was delighted to have been part of it!

The benefits: Complete faith that this time-critical project would be delivered 100% on time. All completed units were tested and guaranteed to work.

  • Prototyping
  • Surface mount assembly & testing
  • Guaranteed quality & reliability of end product
  • Confidentiality & deadline management


Pyrotechnic electronic controllers project