Technical Specifications

Maybe you are looking for surface mount capability? Our pick-and-place machine can place components from 0402 size up to 52mm square QFP or BGA sizes with both high speed and accuracy. If needed, for ultimate quality this machine can test and check every single resistor and capacitor before placement.

We are regularly asked to convert through-hole boards to surface mount, as this reduces board size and sometimes end product size. As a consequence, manufacturing costs can be improved, while creating a repeatable quality standard with no variance, thereby ensuring better availability of parts.

In order to provide a complete end-to-end service, RVL can also provide complementary services such as cable and harness wiring, electro-mechanical assembly and full box builds.


Board inspection and testing now completed. A perfect assembly job, perfectly executed without any drama. Fantastic, I am extremely impressed. Thank you, RVL!
Peter Ellefsen (Director), Pan Technology
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