Prototyping, Simulation and Test

Prototyping, Simulation and Test

Our electronic prototyping design and development service is one of our most fundamental provisions. Unlike some companies, we don’t sub-contract this part of the process to anyone else. Some clients are more than happy to follow our design progress by simply viewing the schematic files and the 3D PDF file of the PCB (the 3D PDF file is a photo-realistic representation of the final product). However, the first physical version of your product will emerge in our secure production department, and you can be on hand to see it, if you so desire. Then it will be tested and any necessary design and layout modifications made. This is followed by more tests for certification and any required environmental standards.

Another aspect of the prototype phase is the simulation of a circuit (or sub-circuits) even before being committed to PCB. This eliminates much of the technical risk before you incur major costs. Examples of circuit simulations done for customers include; switched mode power supplies, op-amp circuits, LED drivers, isolated transformer based power supplies.

A lot of valuable information can be derived from these simulations that could not easily be measured elsewhere. For example, data relating to power requirements, temperature hot-spots, voltage spikes and control loop values. A valuable part of the prototype testing that we can provide is thermal imaging of operational circuits. We use this to verify that designs are correct and that circuits are not exceeding designed temperature maximums. A compete thermal report with images can be provided.


Prototyping, Simulation and Test
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