PCB Design & Layout

PCB Design and Layout

Taking your initial concept, RVL uses Altium for schematic capture and PCB design. (Altium is one of the latest and most effective CAD tools.) Alongside this, we insist on observing the “Design for Manufacture (DfM)” rules that are often overlooked by “design-only” companies.

All schematics are designed while adhering to these strict rules. We always strive to provide elegant and simple solutions. However, we must also take into account power requirements, voltage restrictions, required communication interfaces etc. All PCBs are subject to stringent rule checking. For example, track clearance violations, high-speed routing impedances, 3D component clearances, silkscreen and solder mask checking, and netlist verification. If you need an existing PCB layout revised or modified, we are happy to advise you. Of course, we prefer to work together to find the best approach. Our engineers can work from existing design files, or start from scratch, but we will supply you with a complete manufacturing data pack with your finished design.

We will include in your data pack: the Bill of Materials (BOM), complete schematic and PCB design files in both PDF and Altium format, manufacturing Gerber files, drill files, Pick & Place files, assembly diagrams and a STEP-created 3D PDF file (showing a complete PCB with components that can be rotated and viewed from every angle).

We can supply this 3D PDF file with or without an enclosure, providing reassurance that the PCB does indeed fit inside the enclosure. A useful feature is that this can be made transparent for various viewing options, as can any of the component STEP models included with the design.


PCB Design & Layout
We have used RVL for our surface mount assembly requirements since we began manufacturing. As our ongoing requirements have brought new challenges, RVL has enthusiastically stepped up to the mark, working with us expressly to the needs of our business. Keeping us informed at all times and in all situations makes RVL an invaluable part of our own business.
Hamish Dumbreck (Director), JESE Ltd
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